Snares of death…so strong…


My mum’s cousin just passed away a few days ago and it is too unfortunate I did not attend his funeral. He was once a doctor, mark my words, I said a doctor. In fact he was a surgeon. My sentiments are, even with all the lives he had saved his whole life he could not save himself from the snares of death. Just like the Kiswahili saying, kinyozi hajinyoi kisogo, I came to realize that death is one of the most powerful forces that we can never save ourselves from. Remember how ambulance pilots fly people to hospitals to have their lives saved, how ambulance drivers defy traffic rules to get people to hospitals in time just to save their lives….You get the drift, that when death knocks at your door, there is nothing much you can do to get yourself out of its snares. It doesn’t matter whether you used to be the ‘savior’ or not, it will take you anyway

You remember the Australian scientist who was stung by a poisonous fish, he had spent his whole life studying the fish, the aquatic life in general but when he was stung by the same fish he had been studying.  Even with all the knowledge he could not save his life. Had he been given a chance, maybe he would have given the prescription of drugs that would have saved his life

First Aid instructors spend most of their lives teaching people on what to do in the event of an accident. More often than not, you find that even with all the knowledge, they are never able to save themselves. Some may choke on food, drinks or find themselves in tricky situations only the grace of God can get them out.

Even the most skillful driver sometimes finds himself in a tricky situation and after the accident, you look at what caused the accident and his death and you can’t find an answer. Reason being, death is more powerful than any of us can fathom.

Scientists spend their whole lives studying diseases, their causes, how they can be prevented and their cures but at the end of the day, you find that they may end up dying of the same diseases that they were studying.

Bottom line is, live life like there’s no tomorrow. Share as much as possible; help as much as you can because when death knocks on your door, you will not have a chance to do all the things that you would have wanted to do. There might be second chances in this life but they don’t always happen. So, take first chances as the only chances and do good, love like you have never been heartbroken, life is too short to live on yester years, on yesterday’s heartbreaks.

Its hard to let go of the heartbreaks because, they leave you all in pieces and wondering whether you will ever be whole again.  . Mend the pieces and soldier on!! It a short life, live it to the fullest!!! It’s been my motto from the start of the year and I am seeing the fruits already….I am gaining my chubby cheeks back not to mention my glowing face! He he he….


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