Dont I just love the woman I am turning out to be…


I slept in a curtainless windowed room and the look of stars at night was just amazing. I just loved the way stars and the little light from the moon looked like. It must be amazing to sleep under the stars, literally! And then I had a long drive in the grassland, I managed to see some zebras and i thought how amazing it would be to have such long drives in the morning while listening to some cool music while sipping your most favorite drink. I was the passenger for the better part of the journey but at some point I also got to drive and to tell you the truth I enjoyed the experience. I have never driven a car and it felt like a child with her first toy. 


It was kinda scary but my driver friend  was really helpful, he told me for somebody who has never touched a steering wheel, I was doing good and yaaay!! I am so proud of myself…another friend told me that when she puts her mind on doing something she makes sure she gets well. I hope she gets to read this..I was not  even thinking about driving today and not even anytime soon but when I was given the challenge, something told me, why not? I drove for around two to three kilometers but the best thing is that there were not so many cars on the road…For starter thats good, my driver friend tells me I should train on the highway but to be on the safer side, open grounds and deserted roads will work just fine for me. And to tell you I enjoyed the moments is an understatement! I will be trying it again soonest and I just cant wait! 

ION I cant wait to have my hair done today…It feels like a year since I saw my salonist. So, can we all have lovely Saturdays and while at it, make somebody’s day…


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