Who is a bitch?


I am at a point where I feel like I need to do something out of this world. Not to get the attention of anybody, just for the heck of it!! The other day, I updated my facebook status that I will start becoming bitchy and my friends thought I had smoked some bad stuff. One particular friend, told me that bitches are ran over by trucks and I couldnt help but laugh, really!! Talking of bitches and being bitchy, what qualifies one to be a bitch? Is going for what you want part of being bitchy? Just wondering…

Is dressing the part being bitchy, is talking your mind bitchy? Someone give me the definition of being bitchy because the word bitch can have a hell lot of meanings…Me thinks its all about the dictionary you use, ha ha ha ha!! I think being a bitch is stepping on other people’s toes without caring whether they will feel pain or not. 

The other day there was this discussion about short dresses and skirts and I thought to myself, why wont these men just let us be…I love my skirts short but just slightly above the knee and not any higher. So it left me wondering, cant we show our sexy legs? I thought sexy is being proud of your body, somebody correct me…. The last time I checked, it was a free world, dress in what makes your heart tick. Some tights, a long top and some killer boots will do the trick for me in this weather…And for my out of this world thingy, I am getting me a nice pair of boots and a cute skirt…Yeah, boots could be so normal for you, yes, you but for me its not normal, I have never done boots and short skirts and I am thinking, they could make my heart tick again…


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