It feels like a Monday


For some reason, today feels like a Monday and you bet! I am not liking it one bit…I have not worked today although writing this is still part of working…Its cold, damn cold, I am in a short skirt so you can imagine how cold my legs are…All the more I need to get me a nice pair of sexy boots…

Its been one of those mornings you wish you can just cover yourself on the couch holding on to a hot cup of white chocolate while watching a tear jerker…Talking of movies, I love the ‘Christian Bitches’ and i cant wait to watch Season 2..Mercy Orengo, thanks for telling me about the Christian Bitches…Indeed, they are Christian bitches…To tell you the truth, I wonder if people ever change or its just a front they put on for people to think they have changed….Amanda is now convinced that her high school neighbors never changed.

I hate to think how their lives have been if they have lived in that Dallas neighborhood all their life…It must have been boring..That is why I hated the idea of schooling at our district in high school, college, work there and eventually get married there…I am not such an explorer but so far so good and more is coming..I will let you in when I become an international tourist..

It was not one of my New Year’s resolutions but before the end of the year, I want to have travelled a lot…. Travelling makes life all exciting ….


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