Does Facebook make shaky relationships even shakier?


Face book making shakier relationships even shakier is true. This is entirely true because people have made it their daily companion with some people even going to the bathroom with their phones because they don’t want to miss a thing in a thread they are following. Others leave their couple on the couch ‘face booking’ rather than use that time to bond on the bed or on the same couch. People have grown so much into face book that they never have time for their families. To them, their online friends are more important than the human beings they are with. It is even worse when both partners are working and the only time they get to see each other one of the partners is busy on his or her iPhone. It is really frustrating and chances are, until they realize the problem they have at hand, the relationship might never survive the storm.facebook

It feels bad to be ignored whether by a stranger or work mate, how much worse can it get when it is your spouse ignoring you? It must feel more than horrible and until people learn to put themselves in other people’s shoes, only then will they be able to get away from the vice because at this rate, ‘face booking’ can only be termed as a vice. A couple can be going through a rough patch which is a common occurrence in relationships and marriages with some even going for days without solving the problem but when facebook is thrown into the works, the situation becomes even worse. One of the partners will use face book as a tool to completely ignore the other and that will be the start of the end. When one of the partners gets into the house and instead of greeting the other and enquiring about their day he or she heads straight to the couch, then there is a big problem. Face book has completely killed the bonding in relationships because there is never ‘us’ times. It is face book from Monday to the next Monday with partying and church (if one is not nursing a killer hangover) taking the better part of the weekend. In worse cases, some even are on facebook even when they are in bed with their partners next to them. Virtual friends have taken the life out of some relationships and some people are yet to realize what social media is doing to their relationships.

Looking at it from another direction, facebook will also kill an already dying relationship because if the two partners are always online and they never give each other space, it will become boring for them. There will never be a single time that they will miss each other since they are always sending messages to each other, posting on each other’s walls or worse still chatting. There is that familiarity that is not healthy for a relationship. Couples are supposed to give each other some space to miss each to make it sweet for that time when they get to meet in the evening or some other time. However, keeping in touch with a partner in a long distance relationship via facebook or some other social media tool will keep the relationship going. In such a case, keeping in touch is not all that bad and the people involved should be very afraid when the other party does not want to chat or rather the communication goes down drastically. In such a case, the relationship could be heading south and it is all good to be prepared although in a break up, one is never too prepared. Sharing too much information on each other’s walls might seem all cool to the outside world but it could be eating up the other partner who is afraid to talk it out leading to resentment. Resentment is bad for all relationships and it should be avoided at all costs.

If one has been in a relationship with a lady or a man for some time, they are friends on facebook and one does not want to make it public that they are in a relationship with the other, one might interpret it all wrong. One of the partners might think the he or she is being cheated on and that is why the other is not making their relationship public because they don’t want to be caught. It might be all innocent that one does not want one his all her private life being made public but the other will be having other thoughts.

facebook 2 To avoid such cases, the couples should make it clear on the onset of the relationship on what is accepted in the relationship and what is not accepted. Sometimes people contribute to how people treat them and that is why it is important to set boundaries before things get out of hand. Couples could for example make it a habit to be off their facebook accounts once they get home or after a certain time once they are inside the house. That way, they will have time for each other and if there are problems, there will be ample time for that without one of the partners using face book to ignore the other.

‘Us’ time in whatever relationship is very important because it makes the other or the others feel important. That is why people have to be off facebook for some time every day so that they can have time with their loved ones. With face book around, some people will never take the initiative of asking how his or her partner faired during the day. Just because they chatted during the day and the partner was alright doesn’t mean that something didn’t piss him or her off just before they got home. It is good to take time off facebook and help around the house, that way the couple will have time to chat as they carry on with the small chores around the house. For those with children that need to be helped with home work in the evening or at whatever time of the day, being off facebook will help the family bond a lot. How do parents (especially men and sorry to the men if they feel they are being picked on) expect to have a good relationship with their children if they never have time off facebook to bond? With face book from Monday to the next Monday, the parent will wake up one day and find out that their little daughter or their son is all grown up and he really missed out on their growth. So, ‘face booking’ in the house or when the family is having a day out is very wrong, it will kill the essence of having the day out in the first place. It will not have made any difference if they remained in the house and still ‘face booked’. Families should also make it a rule that on a family’s day out, there should not be other activities going on and by activities it is being on face book or other social media websites

The other thing that makes facebook a relationship breaker is that it makes cheating easier and it makes being caught even easier. Catching up with an ex is now easier than any other time and the more one chats with an ex, the easier the chances of getting back. If the partner is not keen enough, he or she has a snoopy partner and leaves his or her account on, on the phone or their home computer, then being caught is inevitable, it will happen at some point. So, facebook is a relationship breaker.


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