Have you?


Have you been told something once, twice, thrice and at one point you even started believing it? It has been drummed into your head for so long until it has become normal? Unless it is something positive about your life or just something that will have an impact on your life and for the best, don’t just sit there listening to that crap…..For the daters like me, if somebody tells you that they are not into you, a first time, a second one and even a third one, it’s time to call it quits and get yourself a better partner. A partner who is going to appreciate you, who will appreciate your time, you know somebody who worships the ground you walk on. A partner who actually gives a hoot about you…

I was once in a relationship and the guys tells me at one point that if he ever gets married, it will be because in their culture, the older brother has to get married before the younger ones do. That the marriage will be to enable the brothers to also marry, his words just hit me today.  It also made me think why it took me so long to digest his words and I had even envisioned myself as the wife, lol! The crap we take in the name of love, SMH!!

So, this girl tells you that she can’t be with you because of blah blah blah…..you had better believe her; she is just not into you…. I think men are even the most notorious in telling girls that they are not into them. They don’t even tell you in their own words; just their actions are enough to tell you that you are not needed. So, get going and save yourself some emotional abuse!! And stupid us we hang on in there thinking that he is just having one of those days lovers have. The person knows what he or she is saying and no matter what you do, you will always be a second or a third choice. To me, that is not a pretty thing to have. I want to be loved wholeheartedly, that is why I also want to love somebody whole heartedly, not because he happens to be around just when I need him.

But maybe being told on your face that you are not needed is better than those people who tag along knowing all too well that there is nothing going on. . At least the person loves you enough to tell the truth, that being together is a waste of time. It’s too unfortunate that we are so much into the guy or the girl that we don’t get the intensity of the words. I mean you have heard that statement twice and some other statements meant to mean the same and to think that we hang on to it, hoping that the guy or the girl will change their mind is a pity.

So, listen carefully to the words that come out of your guy’s or girl’s mouth. If you hear something undesirable to your relationship from him or her, it is time to stop, listen and digest what they just said. It might hurt you at that particular moment but a few years down the line, you will be patting your back that you gave them a kick on the butt… Nobody wants to be a second choice to anybody; it hurts to say the least!! The sole reason I don’t want to be the other woman!


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I live for photography and blogging and vlogging are my other sweethearts Looking forward to touring the world one country at a time Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3W5izzOzIba2N-3YP31M1Q

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