I love writing…..I write about anything and everything…It makes my heart lighter. It helps me feel like I have talked to somebody…..You see, I am one of those people who rarely talk about their problems to people because at times I feel like they will not get where I am coming from. That is why I have a journal and lately my blog. My journal is my friend…I can cry as I write, I can smile and put all my emotions there…. And after I am done with my entry, my heart feels lighter, I feel like I have shared it with a friend…I feel like I have solved the problem…And oohh, I write my journal in any color…I even have some entries with a red pen…so long as I have poured my heart in my journal, I don’t care what color it is. It’s only for my consumption anyway…

The other day I was chatting with a friend and we talked about writing and keeping journals… He couldn’t believe that I have like four journals in a period of four years…. He thought I was the weirdest being alive. Not like I write every day, I just write when my heart is heavy, when I need to clear my head over an issue….when I have achieved something great in my life… My journals are my novels, when I feel bored I just read them and memories come back. Well, some memories are not so good and they should just be forgotten about but at times, it good to see where you came from. You know, to laugh at all your silly mistakes, to pat yourself on the back for all the achievements…WRITING IS THERAPEUTIC, TRUST ME IT IS!

The problem comes in when you have named names in your journal. Especially when the entry was in bad taste, wah! You don’t want them to get their hands on that journal..  If I get a bad experience with you, you can be lest assured I will have an entry about you in my journal…I am that bad…A good experience too with you will earn you a page in my journal.  So, don’t cross my way…don’t step on my toes…  Be nice to me…I love my journals and they make me shed tears when I look at them and all the memories rush back like it was yesterday but I have been thinking of burning them… Some entries that have been entered in bad taste, I don’t want anyone seeing them…just me, myself and I. To be on the safe side, I should get me a safe and bury the key to make sure that nobody gets to access it. Ha ha! And just like it happens in the movies, I will write in my will where my family will get the key to the safe…..At least when I am gone, they will be able to read what I thought I thought about them….

And writing pays, just like it pays for my bills, well, some of my bills…So, write, write and write even more..That journal might just turn into a cash cow, true story! It is called starting from humble beginnings….. Even a mere entry of how your day was is a good start! Once I compile my journals I will let you know…I have been dreaming of writing a novel and the novel a best seller….

Write how your day went by today and with time, you will be amazed how great it makes you feel. You will never need a shrink, trust me!  A Journal is the best shrink in the whole wide world…. J J


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