This love…


It’s a rare kind of love. He would catch a grenade for me…. Just like Bruno Mars says in his song…This love brightens my day when it is dull, when there is a silver shining on the cloud, it makes my sun shine…oohh, and this kind of love is unique, sent from heaven just for me. I am loved with all my weaknesses; with all my mistakes……just the way I am…Did I tell you he is in love with me? Yes he is….

I always look forward to his texts, to his calls, to his inboxes. There is just something that makes us chat even in the dead of the night. Too bad sometimes airtime goes MIA on us…and we are forced to cut short our chats. Too bad sometimes sleep catches up with us and one of us is left hanging…..too bad there is work to be done….too bad the phone’s battery dies in the middle of the chat…..just too bad….we could chat for a whole day and a whole night and still have something to talk about the next day…

I bet its true what they say, one who gets a friend is lucky…, that a true friend can be closer than a brother…..I am so honored to be his best friend too. Love is heavenly…it makes you feel wonderful…even when you are having a long day, just that call, that text or that inbox brightens your day…It makes you smile again…. And u guessed right, it’s a sheepish smile…it might be something silly to somebody else but it means the world to you…..The first time I fell in love, I could smell his perfume from a distance, even from a stranger…and u guessed right…it always made me smile….it would make me start thinking about him……

Mmmhhh…it always feels great to be loved and to love…to know that you mean the world to them…sometimes they might not know that they mean the world to you…You just need to keep on reminding them that they are your world….if they don’t recognize it, then it’s their loss…..

Love and love even more, it is the greatest command of all. 


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