If wishes were horses….


In my next life, I don’t want to be born a first born. Too many responsibilities on your shoulders until you forget your life. There is always something needing your attention. When one need is almost over, another one comes up and there is no escape from the responsibilities. Everybody is looking up to you for support, whatever support you can think.

And when you don’t perform as per people’s expectations, you are a failure. Did I mention that when you are a first born, your needs stop to matter? Everybody else in your family wants their needs to be settled first and in the process what you would have wanted to do ends up not being done or it is done at a later date. That is why you see most first borns take so long to get married and have families of their own because they were busy taking care of others. This leaves me with one question, who takes care of the first borns? The parents are also too busy taking care of the rest and they forget that there was another person who needed their care and love. Woe unto you when you are a first born and you don’t have supportive friends. You can die with your problems because everyone else in is busy taking care of their needs.

 If I had a chance of being ‘born again’ I would like to be born as a last born. The last born has so many people taking care of him or her that more often than not, they become spoilt. That’s what I want…If only wishes were horses…..


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