Is it true what they say?


So, its been preached over and over that we should look at life with a positive mind. But what happens when there is nothing to look forward to? What happens when there is nothing to encourage you? When you feel like everything including your happiness has been stolen. Yeah, I know happiness is inborn but, there is that happiness that comes with fulfilment. What if you don’t have the inner fulfilment that you require?

Its one thing to go with the flow, you know when people are talking positively and you join in their discussion with your positive remarks but it’s a completely another to have the life you have been preaching. A friend told me that those people who laugh a lot are hiding their sorrows in the laughter. I don’t know how true that is but there are still others who say that you should fake it until you make it. Now my million dollar question, for how long are you supposed to fake it?  Until you collapse in the middle of the road in broad daylight as a result of depression? I have seen people die of depression and by the look of things you could think that they were al-right.

We all have our tough moments but it all depends with how well we handle them. Some of us like yours truly do not know how to talk our problems out. So as much as people need help, I doubt it will be possible to get it if in the first place you cant express yourself. I believe in the bible but at times you look at the bible and nothing makes sense, you know when you read the bible and it feels like just another book you are reading (God forgive me). You listen to the pastor and she doesn’t make sense. You read a motivational book and you don’t extract a thing from it. You look around and see people all smiley, others so gloomy, you know people going on with their businesses and you feel like you are all alone in this world. Its hard to believe and at times I also find it hard to believe but God is with you all the times. At the fullness of time, all things will work for good. Yeah, right! I know that’s what you have just said. You are asking yourself, when this ‘fullness of time’ will be. That’s the same question I am asking too and I hope to get the answer soonest.

And wont you give anything just to have your life going the way you want it? I would, so I just don’t understand people when they say that life would be boring if everything was just smooth sailing. Yeah, its wishful thinking to wish to have everything going your way…But, don’t we always get what we pray for? Maybe I haven’t been praying as hard….


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