Being a man sounds like fun


Being a man sounds like fun except on the hitting on a girl part. I always imagine how i would still be single because I cannot stand being turned down and with so much contempt at that. In the event of an incarnation, i want to come back as a man. Men are the luckiest human beings in the world. I mean, they can take a leak anywhere without batting an eyelid and continue wit stories with his buddies like nothing happened. Even when it has clearly been marked, “USIKOJOE HAPA”  they still go ahead and do it. Somebody joked that such places should be marked ‘KOJOA HAPA’  and trust me, thy will avoid the place like a plague. So, the other day I was travelling all pressed and wishing i can take a leak somewhere and then my neighbor in the vehicle tells the driver to stop so that he can pee. To tell you i was jealous was an understatement because I had to endure my discomfort for another one hour! Being a man rocks because;

being a guy rocks

They can lose the comb and still get away with it. Apparently, that rugged look is sexy to some ladies and trust me, they might just get some extra winks on that day for losing the comb. As for your’s truly, I need a clean shaven man, we dont need to be fighting about combs every now and then.

Men do not have bad hair days, unless of course it is one of those men who need to book an appointment with their beautician. I am never going to understand this business of men going for manicure, pedicure and facials. A man needs to be all macho and just a little rough. I gotta give it up for those women who date men who are in touch with their feminine side. It is not bad to date one but who needs all that drama in a man?! Its definitely not me, he is the one who is supposed to deal with my drama and not the other way round

Men can choose to neglect their families and the society will easily forgive them(though I dont support this one). The only part I am envious about is that society and the family in question will welcome him with open arms. Try pulling such a stunt as a woman and God knows what will befall you. Even your children will want nothing to do with you, never mind you carried them in your womb for nine months. The society will crucify you as a woman from here to Timbuktu but the man will be embraced with both arms, talk about applying double standards!

A man can wear the same clothes for almost a week and you can bet your last coin that nobody will notice. This is especially if he is used to wearing dark clothes, remember the Australian News anchor who wore his suit for a whole year and nobody noted? Viewers would only concentrate on his female co-anchor

A man can wear the same pair of shoes and a belt with almost all his outfits and still get away with it. There are few men who worry about their next pair of shoes except of course the ones who are in touch with their feminine side because they worry so much about their dress code. I want to date one of this kind just before I become a man, hahahaha! Some little drama will make life more enjoyable

A man will compliment another lady and even ogle at her and expect his girlfriend to take it just fine. Let the girlfriend pull that stunt and she will have to apologize profusely. Dont you think this applying double double standards is bad for our health? We all know men are visual creatures but Haloo!! We also can make good of our eyes without making it so obvious. Better still, take a look and crack a joke about it. You dont have to steal glances, no ogle and then pretend nothing happened.

A man will date a few women at the same time and it is women who will be blamed for his selfishness because playing with people’s feelings is plain selfishness. And it is even hilarious when the same women end up fighting over the man..Calling this a sad affair is an understatement! These women should gang up and beat him up instead, it is a criminal offence to toy with people’s feeling. But women being women, they will claw at each other with each of them hoping to end up with the man.

To a man,orange and peach are fruits and not colors, ha ha ha!! But i am sure they are still learning on the color spectrum so, we gotta  cut them some slack.

You can add more about why you think BEING A MAN ROCKS and humor your’s truly, I have always fantasized with being a man. Fantasizing is allowed, right? So forgive me when I say in my next life i want to come back as a man. I hope SEX CHANGE will work just the same.

sex change


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