This hugging business can be quite annoying at times


Hugging is the newest greeting in town. It has become so normal that people end up hugging even strangers. Well, i dont have a problem with those people who hug strangers, it is quite recommended at times. The rate at which bad stuff is befalling humanity, we all need a hug at one time or the other. My problem is with those people who ask to be hugged, you know, like you owe them one. There are these two men who work in the same building as I and they can be really annoying. Sometimes they block your way as you pass just so that you can hug them. Whatever time of the day you meet them they are soliciting for one and it makes me wonder whether they did not get enough hugs from their mums when they were young.

sweet jesus

My other beef is with those people who insist on hugging you even when you have displayed all the signs that you dont want to be hugged. Is it that some people are slow to understand sign language or they are just out there to annoy others? You have already stretched out your hand to greet them but they insist on pulling you towards them so that they can hug you. Some shake your hand but they still go ahead and hug you, quite forcefully!

i dont want to hug

For the sake of humanity, please dont hug anyone and I mean forcefully hug someone if you smell like a garbage truck. If your mouth stinks enough to make a fly faint, keep away from hugs unless of course you are the one being hugged. And even when you are being hugged, try to keep your mouth shut, that way, you will save the ‘huggee’ from fainting.

Hugging with your mouth open and talking loudly while splashing saliva open is an offence! I had taken a shower in the morning, I dont need to take another and more so not with your saliva. So try to hug me with some decorum, I dont want to be left wiping my face and ruin my make-up. If you didnt learn your Biology well, some airbone diseases can be spread through particles like your saliva. I still need my health you know, medical bills have become so high and I might not keep up.

If you are a man and you are not my friend, boyfriend or relative, please dont insist on hugging me. If you insist on hugging me, dont make it look like you are hugging your girlfriend, you know with squeezing et.all. I dont want you getting comfortable while still holding on to me. Just hug me lightly and move on.

As for mothers and fathers, hug your babies more often, it might help them in future. It helps in boosting their self esteem and teaches them to love when they are all grown-ups.

Hug appropriately and with some decorum, it will go a long way. We dont want to hear people recounting of their bad hugs experiences, it is not funny at all.

Did you know that you need 10 hugs a day?

Now you know, hugging is therapeutic and don’t we all need to be hugged. Forget about my ranting about bad hugs. Research has shown that hugging just like laughter is effective in curing some of these ailments. Hugging helps in healing loneliness, stress, depression and anxiety. A proper and a deep hug where the hugger and the huggee’s hearts are ‘pressing’ together have a few benefits that we could all do with;

free hugs

  1. Hugging instantly boosts the production of oxytocin which helps in healing feelings of isolation, loneliness and anger. Try hugging your partner when he or she is feeling all down and depressed and see the reaction. It works like a charm.
  2. Holding a hug for an extended time will help in lifting serotin levels thus elevating one’s mood and creating happiness.
  3. Hugging strengthens our immune system, true story! Hugging and the gentle pressure applied on the sternum creates an emotional charge which in turn activate the production of Solar Plexus Chakra. This in turn will stimulate the thymus gland thus generating and balancing the body’s production of white blood cells. We all know the work of white blood cells, they help our bodies to be disease free
  4. Hugging is a self esteem booster. Our family’s touch is the most important thing especially when we are all young and vulnerable. It shows us that we are special and loved. Hugs and cuddles at a young age remains imprinted in our nervous system even into our adulthood. Therefore, hug your children as many times as possible because it has a lot to do with their self esteem. I make a point of hugging my son at least 5 times a day…Hugging connects us to our ability to love others.
  5. Hugging helps in relaxing muscles thus releasing tension from our bodies. Hugs take away pain; they soothe aches by increasing circulation of blood in the soft tissues.
  6. Hugs balance out our nervous system. For the light skinned,( your’s truly is a woman of the color but I love it that way)you can note a change in skin color when one hugs or gets hugged, this change of color is called a galvanic conductance. There is a change of moisture and electricity in the skin which suggests that there is a state of a more balanced nervous system
  7. Hugging teaches us to receive and give. There is an equal value in giving and receiving warmth. Hugs teach us how love is supposed to flow in both ways
  8. Hugs just like laughter and meditation help us to let go and embrace the present. They encourage us to flow with life’s energy. They get us out of our circular thinking patterns and connect us with our hearts, feelings and breath
  9. When we hug, we exchange energy and it serves as an investment in the relationship. It helps to encourage empathy and understanding
  10. Hugging helps in building trust and a sense of safety. It helps in creating open and honest communication.

i want to hug you

Virginia Satir a family therapist sass,” We need four hugs a day for survival.”  “We need eight hugs a day for maintenance.” “We need twelve hugs a day for growth.” SO, HOW MANY HUGS DID YOU GET OR GIVE TODAY? GIVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN, IT IS A MIRACLE DRUG.



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