Take time to analyze things in your life


The law of attraction or power of attraction if you like is simply; ‘We attract whatever we think about good or bad’. I tend to think otherwise because as far as I know I have been having good thoughts J and I cannot seem to understand the rate at which I am attracting wrong people and bad stuff. So the other day I was to go out for a date with a guy I met online and on Facebook to be precise. The date didn’t turn out well; well, we didn’t get to meet because of bad timing. It took me some time to get to town; you all know how traffic can get especially when you are in a hurry. When you have to alight at the former Globe Cinema roundabout and walk all the way to town amidst crazy traffic, crazy motorbike riders and even crazier matatu drivers.

I haven’t been to any other city in the world but boy! I think Nairobi has to be the most chaotic city in the world especially during the evening rush hour. Everybody is scrambling and hurrying to get to their destination and matatu guys are hurrying to ferry their passengers and still have time for another round. You are shoved from right, left and center and the light weights like me, chances of being swept by the crowd are high. You have to walk with caution not to fall and still make sure that your handbag, its contents and your pockets are still intact. I don’t like Tom Mboya Street and the sole reason is that it has the stickiest hands, it is the most chaotic and it has the rudest people you will ever come across. A person digs his elbow in your ribs and he has no apologies to make, he steps on you and he continues with his walk like nothing happened.  Anyway, it took me almost ten minutes to move from Koja to Tom Mboya street coz I am one of those people who have to make sure that the road is completely clear for me to cross. So, you can imagine how hard it was for me to cross the road; I am a coward like that. We all have those times when we want to disappear from the face of the earth but when the chance to disappear presents itself, we chicken out. I cannot risk being hit by a vehicle if I can avoid it, which is why I have to be very careful although we can only be too careful.

Finally I got to the agreed place and I waited for close to thirty minutes waiting for my date to come; texting and calling just to remind him about time. I finally gave up waiting and caught a bus home only for him to call and tell me he just got there. I had never been so pissed that someone got late for a date but for some strange reason I just snapped and I didn’t have a second thought about it. I didn’t even believe myself; I didn’t believe I was that impatient. I was so surprised at myself and I just had to call a colleague not only to whine for the ‘lost date’ but also to solicit for a virtual pat on the back for not taking crap, ha ha ha! We bitched about the date and how life has been unfair to us, how we have been meeting the wrong people and finally wished each other a good night.

This whole scenario has taught me that at times we don’t even know ourselves because it had never occurred to me that I can be that impatient. Sometimes things and people happen in our lives, we go through the motions and we don’t even get to analyze the situation. We either don’t have time to analyze the situation or we simply don’t feel like going down that road. Sometimes, no amount of analyzing will bring us answers to our questions but it helps us to get to know ourselves better. So, take time to analyze what has been happening to your life. You might not get the answers but you will know a thing or two that you didn’t know about yourself. If you don’t have a good memory for some of these things, then put it down on your diary and when you are bored, you can read through and have a good laugh about it. It is tickling to remember some of the silly things that happened in your life; memories are made of diaries and jotted down notes. I have a diary on my first real boyfriend and I still read through when I am bored or when I am arranging my books. It’s good to go down the memory lane

PS: I got another date on the following week and it went well; story for another day.


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