That Married Facebook Crush you cant keep your hands off


Every time you see them there is a tingling feeling that goes down your spine, there is that sweet feeling you get at the pit of your stomach. You know they are bad for your health especially your heart but just like it happens with drugs, you cant keep your hands off them. Sigh! The proverbial forbidden fruits are sweeter. Yes, that married guy you have a crush on; the one you always look forward to chatting with on facebook every other time. You want to send them a friend request but you are too timid to do so or the lady in you will not allow you to do so. However, one day you log in and there is a friend request and damn! It’s him! You are so excited about it and you cannot wait for him to chat you up. The way he ‘talks’, of course you have already gone through his profile and his seats in the house are just perfect, you already know he drives a good car. He has the perfect body, just the way you like them, his smile is just out of this world; cheeky and handsomely cute and sigh! And for the umpteenth time you wish he was single L.

Unfortunately he takes forever to say hi and being the go-getter you claim to be, you send the first chat and you cannot get enough of each other .There is just something about their comments that make you want to like them a million times. For some weird reason, he has the best grammar, he  ‘talks’ sense all the time, you like their comment, however simple they are and I can go on and on. You get depressed when he is not online for a few hours, not like you talk about anything sensible; just the sweet nothings that might never amount to anything. Whenever he is online you itch to say hi to him if he takes longer to notice that you are online. A sheepish smile plays on your lips whenever he says something interesting and trust me interesting can be something so silly. Your workmates already know that you have a new crush because the giggles that come from your desk are just out of this world.

You can chat the whole day and a better part of the evening and since you have decided not to exchange numbers for ‘security’ reasons, you chat for the better of evening before you go home. By security reasons, it means you will not find yourself calling each other in the evening when Mr. or Missus is in the house and blow your cover. Sigh! You cannot wait for the next day to continue where you left your silly sweet nothings. Guilt eats you up but you still want to continue with the chit chat. You get that excitement you feel when you are about to meet your boyfriend whenever you chat with him. You can feel that you are cheating on your better half but you figure out, you haven’t met and you don’t plan on meeting so, it cannot be really counted as cheating. In fact, you remind each other to delete the silly sweet nothings such that there will be no evidence of ‘cheating’. And then bang! Your crush is gone, he is either too busy, found something better to do with his life or guilt took the better part of him and you are left. You mourn him for a few days and then you realize it’s for the better, after all, nothing much would have come from it. Besides, he is married and you know all too well married men are not to be touched with a 10 foot pole. Life goes on and you wait for the next crush to come along..Moral of the story..Well, there is no moral J


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