Mondays have a way of being crappy even without much trying…


You try and wake up early, well, the usual time you wake up but for some weird reason you just can’t seem to keep the time. You rarely take breakfast in the morning but on this particular Monday you decide, the heck, why not take a slice of bread or two. You are done with breakfast within no time. You look at the mirror one more time just to check everything is in place but you realize your dress ain’t straight as you would have liked it to be(you didn’t iron previous night). You don’t have the time to undress and iron it and you proceed to your handbag and leave the house. There are one, two, three clothes you need to hang, so you chuck out of the house with them as you leave for work. While you are up there, hanging clothes you realize your shoes aren’t shining as they should be and as you start wiping them you realize they are torn; you haven’t realized your shoes are torn all along.
You go back to the house and change your shoes and all this time the hands of time are still moving; remember you are way past your leaving time. Your shoes are an inch longer and you can’t walk as fast; you get to the stage and the line (queue) is snaking its way longer than you have ever seen. Whoever came up with this idea of lining up to get into a bus! Anyway, the lining up brings some sanity otherwise the shoving and pushing that would be there is just out of this world. You line up until it’s you turn to get into the bus and dang! The bus is full; you wait for the next although it didn’t take a minute to get there. You travel a few kilometers and traffic starts. Of all days, traffic had to be the day you are late! Its 10 minutes to time and you are nowhere near your work place, traffic is moving at a snail’s pace and heaven knows you want to alight and walk or better still take a motor bike. Time is still moving and its 8.00 am, you are still not anywhere near. You have finished reading the novel you have taken a whole weak to read, you don’t have data bundles to browse and no airtime! How bad can this day get!
You decide to sit pretty but you just can’t! You decide to sing along to the music playing but you don’t know the lyrics to some of these songs. No more checking time until you get to your work place or else you will have a nervous breakdown. You sit pretty and decide to think about that guy you like so much or have a crush on depending on your definition of love, lust and like but don’t give you the time of the day. And then you remember this guy who likes you from here to the moon and back and you don’t give them the time of day as well. Talk about karma hitting you sooner than expected, life has a sick sense of humor and I don’t like it at all. Thinking about your love life woes gives you time to stop concentrating on the traffic and you are in town and by good luck the lift to your office is working; finally something to smile about this morning. Taking the stairs to the sixth floor with four inch heels has never been my idea of a work out.
Sigh! I am at work! But no, this Monday is just out to make sure I have a long day. I dressed lightly now that the skies were looking brighter after a whole one week of dull weather. The weather decides to change and heaven knows I am freezing. Its tea time and I was expecting chapati but nooo, it’s the round buns… Sigh! For some reason I find myself hating wheat products every new day; on the contrary my son has a new liking for bread. I had carried two slices of bread; that was my 10 o’clock snack. I don’t like the bread but I prefer the bread to the round buns. I need a new menu cus I am done with wheat products as well as anything starchy (never mind I am trying to add a few pounds/kilos if you like  ). Sigh! This woman is beyond help! Its lunchtime; time to see my friend and check if she has some better ideas for lunch. This afternoon had better be good cus a soul can only take too much in one day


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