Sleeping on Sunday causes Monday, failing to sleep doesn’t prevent it


Its now official that Mondays are just not my days. Last Monday my misfortunes started right before i chucked out of the house.Today, they started even even before the day broke,for some weird reason I had to wake up in the middle of the night(read the ungodly hour, 2a.m) to take a leak,something I haven’t done in a long time. I found out the door was not padlocked although it was closed and I couldn’t help thinking what would have happened had we not used the lower latch. I would rather sleep late than sleep early and lose sleep in the middle of the night. I hear its the devil’s roaming time and although we give the devil too much credit,I would rather not try out.

I managed to wake up 15 minutes after my alarm went off and within no time;my usual time of leaving the house, I was done. The queue was quite  short, so, catching a bus was not quite a hustle. Music was on point, I sang along, my morning was going to be great, or so I thought. As we cruised along the highway, I even made a young man from the next bus blush and look away. That felt awesome; I wanted to start making faces at him all through the journey,  but our buses kept changing lanes and that’s how my naughtiness was cut short L… There was no traffic today, not quite; you couldn’t compare it with last Monday’s traffic. We get to town on time and me and mitumba high heels and a short tight skirt was the last to alight from the bus.

But the universe was just about to ruin my day. My very smart self just had to trip as she alighted from the bus. Thanks heaven it wasn’t moving as I alighted and that I didn’t alight in the middle of the road as we are used to. Let’s just say if we alighted in the middle of the road and my beautiful self tripped, we would be talking of a different story altogether. We all know how chaotic Nairobi traffic can be. We survive by the grace of God cus we can only be too careful. People are learning to mind their business cus no one stopped to look at the damsel in distress as she fell and landed on her left knee. My shoe(black stiletto )got stuck on the bus , my skirt being a little tighter restricted my movement and I just couldn’t step out of the bus and support myself with one foot.

That was how my Monday was dimmed like a candle. A guy who watched me get up from my humiliation helped me cross the road while sympathizing with me for my predicament. And that is how heels have been ditched for the next one or two weeks as I nurse my bruised knee as well as my crushed ego. Let me hope next Monday will be better, I cant take any more misfortunes..

If only we could sleep on Sunday and wake up on Tuesday…..

PS: Sleeping on Sunday causes Monday, failing to sleep doesn’t prevent it; there is no winning in this. We gotta love Monday as much as we love to hate it


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