Making love on the clouds


I miss being in love though I am in love with me these days đŸ˜€

Life, oh life!

I want to do this in my next life, no, before i meet my maker. I dont see this happening in the near future though but lets just fantasize, we all do. This is one of those dare devil moments and I am sure some of us would rather not do it even if it was to be our  last one. That feeling of floating in the air while you are still floating on your way to heaven, its would just be heavenly to say the least…

Visualize yourself in an air balloon up there having one of those moments and ice cream melting in all the right places. At the crack of dawn and those lovely rays when the sun is rising in the morning. I would give anything to have it. Or on the top of Mt.Kenya as you watch the sun come up behind the snow-capped mountain…

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