Of Kitty Wails and ‘Mad men’


Why do cats wail like human babies? There were these two cats in our compound in the wee hours of morning and I would have sworn they were babies…For a moment I had started thinking the mother of these twins should be a very heavy sleeper, then it hit me , there are no young twins. And all this was happening at 4.00 a.m in the morning, dont ask me what i was doing then..These kitty wails woke me up and disrupted my morning sleep…If I had a way I would have beaten the heat outta them.


Turns outta such wails are a way of female cats calling for male cats to satisfy their needs..if you know what I mean. The male cat bites the female cat on the neck as the ‘business’ starts..Of course the biting is painful and thats why this female kitty wails. Again when the male is ‘coming out’, its kinda painful for the female and this explains the wailing.. Are there specific names for female and male cats or its just the way I have put it?


This morning I met a ‘mad man’ as I was going to work and he was holding a stone ready to strike. He asked me where I lived and I was this close to being rude but then I remembered he has a stone that might hit my face so hard and I pointed to the direction that I was coming from..He let me pass and said sorry for bothering me..I said ‘mad man’ because he looked like he was high on something that was illegal even in Mexico…He was shoe-less, his zip was halfway done and he was clutching on the trouser like his life depended on it. I wonder where people get the energy to binge on a Sunday…

Did you know cat lovers have websites specifically for cats and they even have modelling for cats? Now you know…

More kitty stories are underway 🙂



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