Janet Jackson DeBarge

Alleged Janet Jackson’s ‘secret daughter’

We are all congratulating Janet Jackson for getting pregnant at around 50. We all know at 50 most women are dealing with heat flushes, bad moods, hair loss et.al courtesy of menopause. But here is  J.J with the good news that she’s gonna be a mum for the second time according to her ex-husband and for the first time to the rest of the world…..

Shock shock shock, turns out Janet had a baby with her first hubby but she left before her baby bump started to show. A woman has shown up claiming she’s J.J’s daughter and that she was put up for adoption. Her adoptive mother let the cat out of the bag just before she passed on. Now, the lady(child in question) contacted ‘her father’-who is J.J’s first husband telling him she is his daughter. To some extent she resembles Janet Jackson

Would you forgive your parents if you found out they put you up for adoption and they were able to bring you up? Do you think De barge-Janet’s husband should have come out with this information a time when Janet is having all the attention?


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