Selective and Mild amnesia

I like how we Kenyans suffer from selective amnesia..when something happens, we yap from here to Guangzhou and back then after two days we swiftly move on..
It could be a good thing depending on where you look at it from but this is the same as sweeping dirt under the carpet. Sometimes it works for the better, you know, putting out the fire but it never gets to solve anything..Now that case of police meting out frustration on a poor citizen might as well be termed as water under the bridge, its gone, until something like that happens…The cycle will continue…
Before the recent case of police brutality, we had seen university students being beaten black and blue..What happened, we took to social media, ranted, yapped then mild and selective amnesia set in..
I aint offering any solutions, I am just pointing out…
Meantime, lets wait for another demonstration and see ’em demonstrators being beaten like there’s no tomorrow then we can complain from here to kingdom comes..
It’s all in a day’s events

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