Ditch complaining; appreciate what you get


Hello there lovers and friends, I haven’t written anything for months on end and to be sincere I don’t have a solid excuse as to why. Let us just say it is sheer laziness or lack of something to write or both. I’m getting my groove back soon and y’all gonna be needing time to read since there’ll be too much to read. I bet your year has started well and you are all ready to make those New Year resolutions happen. Me: I don’t have any New Year resolutions as per se but I’m trying to accomplish one, two, three things before mid year. So much for the New Year, other than I guess after the second week the year is considered old.

I hope one of your New Resolutions was to quit complaining. My boss is generous enough and gives us a 10 am snack which is always more than welcome for most of us who never have time for breakfast. Most of the time it is chapatti; which I have come to love but other times we have other pastries that I don’t like very much. So today, it was one of the pastries that I don’t like very much and I complained of how sugary it is, how I don’t even like it and so many other things. Never mind I ate the whole of it in less than 5 minutes. One of my colleagues has been taking note of my complaints and today he said how we like complaining over trivial things. Then it hit me that I complain just about everything. Sometimes I’ll complain the pastries give me heartburn, other times they are too sugared, and they taste horrible. Some other times, when there’s samosa and I need it warmed, I’ll complain it is too hot, other times when it is not warmed, I complain about why they gave me a cold samosa, arrrghh!

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Some other times the cup is too hot and I wonder why they got me a ceramic (china cup); the complaints go on and on. Sometimes back no one wanted to do anything for me (especially getting me the samosa) because I’ll complain it’s too hot or too cold. I’m starting to think I am a chronic complainer. There are normal complainers which are people having crappy days. As for chronic complainers, they complain about everything and anything. Look at the above scenario about the cake being too sugared, then the cup is too hot; the tea might be too sugared. Look at this other one; a chronic complainer asks for water and he’ll see how the glass is chipped and how the water is not as cold as they wanted. Then they’ll most probably see something suggesting the glass was not properly cleaned or wiped and how they’ll come down with some alien virus.

Thanks heaven for adulting, I’m complaining less these days 😉

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During lunch hour we were having this talk about how now matter how contented we look, there’s always something bothering us. For the singles, they can’t wait to have boyfriends and eventually get married and make babies. For the already married and they have two beautiful girls, they’ll still want to have a baby boy; I still don’t understand why people make it feel like girls are less of kids. Me: a child is a child so long as they are healthy. And I loudly wondered “what if God was a human being?” I’m sure all of us would be dead or living a very miserable life because he’d have thrown in the towel in frustration. I mean, we complain when it is too hot, we complain when it is too cold and when it rains too much we’ll still complain. Who wants to deal with that kind of negativity? Definitely not me, don’t give me that look; I’m willing to change for those close to me and for myself.

So, if you complain too much like yours truly, you need to let go of that negative energy and appreciate whatever life has to offer. If ditching complaining wasn’t one of your New Year’s Resolutions, then add it to your list….. Live everyday as it comes ; cliché much but STOP COMPLAINING!









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