Hear this, White Fairy stories start with once upon a time. Black Fairy stories start with, yo, you are not going to believe this. True or false? Anyway, I am starting mine the white way though its a Kenyan/Worldwide story. So, sometimes back someone asked for my help and after I slept on it, I offered to help. Few days after, they needed the same help to be constant; twice or thrice a week. I was taken aback and my money loving self got an idea…Why dont I charge for this help? Can you believe that?! We haggled over this help and out of frustration they asked me to keep money out of it.

At the back of my mind I told myself, fair enough, no more money is going to be mentioned anywhere. However in my physical self *chuckles*, I asked them, whats in it for me? So we(I) came up with a plan where both of us would benefit from each other and at the end of the day, everyone goes home happy. We are yet to make use of the devised plan and to tell you the truth, I dont even know if I want to go through with it.


The weeks that followed had me thinking how we have been accustomed to scratch my back I scratch yours it is ridiculous. Sometimes back I helped someone in their time of need and I didnt even charge them a cent for whatever. Few years later, I was in the same predicament they were in previously and of course I expected them to help me as a way of returning the favor. They did come through but it was short lived; it came with a few conditions that I religiously followed but it didnt end well. Needless to say *Chuckles*(I have always wanted to use this phrase), yes we see eye to eye but the relationship is obviously strained.

Where were we? We all know that part of the Bible(sorry for y’all who dont subscribe to this school of thought though I know, you have a similar one) where we are supposed to help but our right hand should not know what our left hand is doing. However, it is human nature to want to get help(returning favor) from someone we had helped. Trust you me most people help because they know at some point they’ll need this same person to chip in when needed. It is alright to want help from them but it is not alright to make it sound like its your right.


We’ll lend money to our friends cus at some point, they should come through for us. We babysit because at sometime, they should babysit for us. We do practically everything because the same help should come through for us at some point. Is it ok to expect the help right back? Yes and No. Yes because we are humans and we wont mind the help(favor) if it comes through. No because, they might not be in a position to help at that particular time. Unless of course this person is used to asking for favors all the time and when it is time to return them even once they vanish into the thin air. There’s only a thin line between being nice and being carried for a fool. Some people are users and they’ll exploit your good nature to the last drop of your blood.

I know I have said that we should learn to expect less from humans but we can only do so for so long. We all need affection and kindness from our fellow humans at some point. All I am saying is, be open to everything; that the help might come from your buddies or family, or it might come from a complete stranger. Either way, dont hold grudges that it didnt come from where you expected; just forgive them. Easier said than done, HUH?!





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